Recreate DEVONthink tags in BibDesk as keywords

Only one item should be selected in DEVONthink and BibDesk. No duplicate keywords are created in BibDesk. The AppleScript code is the following: tell application "BibDesk" --only one item should be selected in BibDesk set thePub to the selection of document 1 set keywordsPub to keywords of (item 1 in thePub) set old_delimiters to AppleScript's... Continue Reading →

How to Create RTF Links to Files in DEVONthink

DEVONthink assigns a custom Uniform Resource Locator ( URL) to every file that is in a DEVONthink database. An example of this URL is the following: x-devonthink-item://F860B6A7–2AF7–4938–9C64-FFA0CC59036E These URLs are extremely useful because you can use them to create links to the respective files of any type (e.g. RTF, HTML, Markdown). Moreover, they have some... Continue Reading →

How to Create Bookmarks to Tinderbox Notes

There are some notes/containers in my Tinderbox files (e.g. Inbox, Actions for Today) which I want to visit in the fastest possible way, using just the keyboard or the trackpad. A solution to this challenge is to create a stamp which opens this note using its URL (e.g. tinderbox://demo/?view=map+select=1493125917;). First, you need to take the... Continue Reading →

Bill Gates on Knowledge

"The old saying knowledge is power sometimes makes people hoard knowledge. They believe that knowledge hoarding makes them indispensable. Power comes not from knowledge kept but from knowledge shared. A company's values and reward system should reflect that idea." (Bill Gates, 1999)

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