How to Create Bookmarks to Tinderbox Notes

There are some notes/containers in my Tinderbox files (e.g. Inbox, Actions for Today) which I want to visit in the fastest possible way, using just the keyboard or the trackpad.

A solution to this challenge is to create a stamp which opens this note using its URL (e.g. tinderbox://demo/?view=map+select=1493125917;). First, you need to take the URL of the note for which you would like to create in effect a bookmark as is shown in the following image and then create the stamp.

Then you need to open the Document Inspector (Stamps > Inspect stamps…) and create the stamp/bookmark. There are two versions of its action.

When the note is a simple note the action is just the command to open the URL, for example

runCommand("open tinderbox://demo/?view=map+select=1493125917;");

However when the note is a container I prefer the view to be focused automatically on the contents of the container. This can be accomplished if you create a code note (titled FocusViews) somewhere in your Tinderbox file (in the “code notes” container for example ), and add in its body the AppleScript code

tell application "System Events"
    key code 125 using {command down, shift down} --arrow down
end tell

This simple script activates the keyboard shortcut for the “Focus View” Tinderbox menu command.

The action of the “Go to Inbox” stamp is the following:

runCommand("open tinderbox://demo/?view=outline+select=1492694214;");runCommand("osascript -e '"
+$Text("FocusView") + "'" );

Some comments:

  • If no note is selected on a view the stamps are greyed out. However, a stamp/bookmark does not use any information from the currently selected note. As a result, it would be nice if it could be executed without this precondition.

  • On my demo project the Inbox URL (tinderbox://demo/?view=map+select=1492694214;). You can manually change the parameter “map” to one of the other Tinderbox views (outline, chart, attributeBrowser). For more details about the Tinderbox URL scheme, you can read this page:

  • Each time you activate a bookmark for a container (but not for a simple note) a new tab is created. This is somewhat burdensome especially because there is not at the moment a menu command for closing tabs created from Tinderbox (2nd level tabs – see this forum thread for more information) and you need to use the mouse.

Finally, you can assign to the stamp/bookmark a custom keyboard shortcut or even a gesture, and you are just one press away from any Tinderbox note.

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